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because there is so much more

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janackeh @ 12:05 pm: sadness
i lost my job this morning. it was the first job i actually took pride in. i cannot even express the sadness i feel...literally...im so numb to it--i cant even describe it. i know God has a plan through all of this. in this deep dark sadness and rejection i feel right now...i know there is a bigger plan.

this will pass.
pray for me.


Date:April 29th, 2008 06:27 am (UTC)


Thoughts of
Cardinal Hume O. S. B.

Grief cannot be shared,

For it is mine alone.

Grief is a dying within me,

A great emptiness, a frightening void.

It is loneliness,

A sickening sorrow at night,

an awakening a terrible dread.

Another’s words do not help.

A reasoned argument explains little

for having tried too much.

Silence is the best response to another’s grief.

Not the silence that is a pause in speech,

Awkward and unwanted,

but one that unites heart to heart.

Love, speaking in silence, is the way into the void the

void of another’s grief.

The best of all loves comes silently,

and slowly too, to soften the pain of grief,

And begin to dispel the sadness.

It is the love of God, warm and true,

which will touch the grieving heart and heal it.

Hew looks at the grieving person and has pity,

for grief is a great pain.

He came among us to learn about grief

And much else too, the Man of sorrows.

He knows. He understands.

Grief will yield to peace – in time.
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