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janackeh @ 10:03 am: all things new
wow. things have changed....a lot.

well, a quick update:
basically, the best friend i was talking about  here: community.livejournal.com/soooo_much_more/4022.html ...is now my boyfriend. "she" is actually he--he is trans and he and i have been friends for going on 11 years now and in a relationship for a year and a half.

my entire LIFE has changed. in every way.

no, i don't identify as a lesbian, however, i still do feel very drawn to minister to ALL women, regardless of sexual orientation OR gender identity.

God has placed such a burden and LOVE in my heart for the women of the lesbian community, as well as male to female trans women and supporters/spouses of female to male trans men. i feel called to love and minister to them all.

so, even though my life has changed, my call in this area has stayed the same. so im going to post here more often and i hope that you all begin to join the conversation too =)

love you and praying for you!


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