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janackeh @ 11:10 am: things really do change with prayer.
ive had this friend, who, a year and a half ago i had a falling out with. we were pretty much best friends, but we had an argument/misunderstanding and stopped talking for a year and a half. we go to the same chuch, see each other every sunday, but just have managed to avoid each other for the last year and half and get around to actually interacting with one another.

well-last night at church, i grew some balls (figuratively...not literally...) and walked up to her and said "hey, can i talk to you before you leave?"..i was SO nervous,but i kinda felt that it was defintely time to let go of all of this craziness, so i did and she smiled and said "sure" and we went into a quiet room and finally had the conversation thats been a year and a half in the making. I told her how i felt and how i missed her friendship like crazy and how i thought about her and her wife (who was my best friend in high school) all the time and i really wanted to make things right with them. it was an amazing conversation, simply for the fact that it had been so long.

i still cant believe i finally let go of my pride and did it. and she was fine with me...she said she didnt hold anything against me and i said the same...as i was driving home i told my fiace that it felt like at 1,000 ton weight had just been lifted off of my chest...it definitely feels better. something i thought would never be resolved and then look at God....im jsut amazed at how its all happened, and i hope this can be the beginning of a new, better friendship, but right now, im just glad that the lines of communication are open and we dont have to try to avoid one another anymore.

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