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janackeh @ 12:05 pm: sadness
i lost my job this morning. it was the first job i actually took pride in. i cannot even express the sadness i feel...literally...im so numb to it--i cant even describe it. i know God has a plan through all of this. in this deep dark sadness and rejection i feel right now...i know there is a bigger plan.

this will pass.
pray for me.


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Date:January 28th, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
i was fired....but the reassuring part was that it wasnt for anything bad--i just couldnt quite progress at a fast enough pace during training, which, with a police radio--sone people can do it and some people can't. i was encouraged by the superior who let me go to apply at smaller cities and jurisdictions who may not have as big of a call volume as the county i was workign for, so thats what im doing. its monday now, and i have a renewed sense of readiness and hope to get started on the job search again, so im feeling pretty good about it right now. thank you for your prayers. i definitely understand that miserable-at-work feeling, but continue to be positive and pray...when you walk in at the beginning of the day, be prayed up and ready to face whatever comes...go to the bathroom and sing worship songs to yourself it you have to (ive had to do that before) and God is faithful and will uplift your spirits...don't give up...He's got a purpose in all of this...
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