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janackeh @ 06:14 pm: his perfect timing.
this sunday, i had an absolute amazing experience. not only did the Lord speak to my heart about ministry, but some things i have been struggling with were confirmed and brought out.
to back up a bit, saturday morning i came home from work and the Lord gave me a dream. in this dream, i was crawling on the floor toward katie, and she was holding a baby in her arms. i crawled up to her feet and started praying over the baby. when i opened my mouth, i began to speak in tongues over the baby, violently and with passion. after a few moments of this i woke up and began to pray over katie in tongues.
sunday morning, while i was at work, i spoke to the Lord about the dream. i asked Him to reveal to me what that dream meant. He immediately spoke to my heart about the child representing mine & katie's ministry...together. He said that we must protect adnd pray over this ministry, we must cover it and protect it as we would our own child. i spoke to katie about this on the way to church sunday morning and we prayed together about it.
at church, Evangelist Brian spoke sunday morning about really taking hold of what God has called us to do--now--walking in faith with what He has for us--even if no one else is watching...even if it is to the air. after church, i went up to him to tell him how much his sermon spoke to my heart and to what the Lord had been speaking to me. he said something awesome...he said that before he was actually ordained in the church, but he knew he was called to preach--while he waited--he would preach to whoever would listen...sometimes only hiws dog. he said he would go out to his backyard and preach to the woods...that relly stuck with me.
sunday night, after still feeling a struggle in all this, i was ready to turn it all over to the Lord. i have been struggling in feeling like im not really walking in my callings. people tell me how my singing blesses them every sunday and how the anointing of the Lord comes out when i open my mouth to worship, but im ready to walk into more anointing...ive been ready for more all year...just waiting for God's timing and wondering "am i ever going to be used more by God?"...i just know ive got more than a song...more than worship...i feel spiritually impregnated with a NATION!!! there is a voice of a generation inside me...i am called to bring this generation to the feet of Jesus with art and music and dance and prophetic actions and freedom and liberty and joy! i know this in the depths of my soul. i am to call the works of the enemy out and call them dead...i am to let freedom forth out of the mouths of this generation...i am to show them the importance of their words and actions and how generations will reap what they sow! i am called to be a leader, a different kind of leader, a prophet and artistic voice for the struggles of my generation! i am called to look beyond what the world looks at and see the pain in their faces...i am called to encourage this generation with strength for the journey, with truth, with liberty...to set the captives free...this generation of captives...who yearn freedom, who cry out for it...i have a purpose in this.
ok, so, this is where my heart is at, and imagine my frustration, knowing that all of this is inside me and not knowing where to go next. well, then the Lord showed up. sunday night, pastor had me come forth to dance in front of the congregation, as an activation of what the lord is doing in the earth...all of the sudden, the feelings flooded back. the dances that i have done years before at church came back and those prophetic images that the Lord had given me...i finally felt RELEASE!! The Lord has released my ministry! HALLELUJAH!
Some verses came to mind in all of this and i have ot document them before i forget.
as with the dream...revelation 12:1-11

before service, there were many people talking about dreams they had had the night before ...joel 2:28
before the end of evening service, there was another activation that took place: purpose. leah got up before the congregation and spoke purpose to our generation. she said we are standing in the gap for our generation, mostly, our gay generation that needs to reconcile their sexuality with the Lord and walk in freedom, not freedom FROM homosexuality but freedom and liberty to be who God made them...freedom to be saved and gay...to tell the devil that he is under our feet and we CAN have relationships, walking in holiness and purity before the Lord with our significant others,who happen to be the same sex. Leah spoke PURPOSE over us...she took our hands in hers and looked each one of us in the eye and said "YOU HAVE PURPOSE"...that was another activation that night.
the Lord is doing a mighty work in this community...this body...this NATION of people and it is so beautiful and amazing...i thank you Lord.

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